Face Yoga Teacher Training Program

Facial Harmony, Mindful Teaching: Face Yoga Teacher Training

"Unveil Natural Radiance: Face Yoga Mastery"

Face Yoga Teacher Training Program

The face fitness certification is a complete program that trains people who want to be teachers. It gives them the skills and knowledge they need to be good at their job. During the course, they will learn different teaching methods, how to manage a classroom, and strategies to make learning fun and interesting. Experienced teachers will lead this intense training. They will teach about making lesson plans, grading students, and using new teaching tools and technology. People who finish the face yoga certification course will become confident and capable teachers. They will be ready to positively influence their students’ lives and contribute to the future of education.

Who will find the Face Yoga Teacher Training useful?

The Face Yoga Course is a practical course that helps you understand your body better and improve your wellness.
It’s good for students and also helps teachers keep their skills sharp. Here are some benefits of the face yoga certification course:

People who join the teaching course will learn a lot about face yoga. This knowledge starts a self-learning journey.

It’s hard to find good face yoga courses for teachers in India. But the Manasvani facial yoga teacher training is online, so people all over the world can take it.

A good yoga course can be freeing for students because it involves a lot of practice on their own, not just theory.

What we will cover ??


Face Yoga Poses


Acupressure Points


Breathing Techniques


Massage Technique

Our Training Program:

Our program provides in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy, personalized instruction techniques, and a diverse curriculum covering:

Facial Exercises

Learn a wide range of exercises targeting specific facial muscles to tone, lift, and sculpt.

Massage Techniques

Explore various massage methods to promote circulation, reduce tension, and enhance skin vitality.

Mindfulness Practices

Incorporate mindfulness and relaxation techniques for holistic well-being.

Teaching Methodologies

Gain hands-on experience in teaching and guiding others in the practice of Face Yoga.